cadets in a Moscow military school

the world Isn’t a Hollywood sitcom where all the teenagers are actually 25. I’m use to that too living in north america, these kids looked kinda young to me. Had to snap myself back into reality and remember how fucking tiny I was as

Indigenous (Kuna Yala) woman from Panama

Look: “Indigenous communities, peoples, and nations are those that, having a historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that developed on their territories, consider themselves distinct from other sectors of the societies now prevailing in those territories, or parts of them. They form at

Girl in a Coffee Shop in Iran

You should see the way femisnist believe that all men want to oppress women.The idea that men experience rape just as much as women do is a terrifying concept In this CDC [study]( table 2.1 on page 18(page 28 on the pdf) “completed forced

Woman getting ready to work out.

There’s definitely some post processing, but not to an extreme level. Reddit has this weird idea about post processing. It’s like once photoshop is uttered they believe that the photo is 100% altered and looks nothing like the original. People have been burning and

Patient has open-heart surgery whilst awake

I’m a trans dude and I had my tits cut off a couple years ago. I remember having a moment like Amy Poehler in “Baby Mama”–They put the stuff in and it felt *so good* and I was like, “Holy fuuuuuck this is amaaaazing…”

Man with Damaged Eye, by Steve McCurry, Pakistan

Before you go ‘this looks shopped’, this photo was taken in 1981; Probably using 200 ISO Kodachrome. I say 200 because it does have some noticeable film grain. It is possible to edit digital scans of negatives, but slide film really does pop

‘Breast cancer in not a pink ribbon’

I’ve been through a life-threatening injury for quite awhile (going on 5 months severe injury and heavy medication, and 10 years of pain before it got significantly worse). While I would never wish it upon anyone, it’s certainly made me appreciate life and everyone

Cowboy, near J Bar L Ranch in Montana; Jesper Anhede

Can’t say for sure about the horse, but it sure does look so. I don’t believe it’s a Sharps, though. Note the ramrod hanging out over the end of the barrel? Looks like an older styled black powder musket. The [Sharps]( maintained a different

Ukrainian Protester

Look I love a good uprising as much as the next man, but just so we’re clear, reddit IS AWARE that fascism is a significant force behind this violence, right? Just because people are protesting the status quo doesn’t always mean their motivations are

Picasso holding a baby owl

Ah dude… At least you’re honest enough to admit ignorance, which means that with the right effort, you’ll go far. Start with [this](

Skiing at -36’C in Central Finland.

I dunno, man. My parent have a farm in central Sweden, and the last two winters were exceptionally cold. From mid-december and all the way through january temperatures stayed well below -20, and we got as far south of freezing as -34 some mornings.

Andrea Pirlo

maybe… [better match than Sirius Black probably] ( I don’t get the downvotes… plus he’s got unearthly skills and a demeanour, if you’re familiar with football.