An Afghan girl stands by razor wire in Kandahar City

Women, boys and girls are all allowed to wear mascara without it being an issue (i.e. in Western society it would be a bit taboo for a wee lad to walk around with mascara on). It’s usually worn for special events (weddings, celebrations, engagements).

Portrait of an elderly lady, Norway 2011

If you look at the source link given by the OP, it’s part of an art installation, quote, “*a play on characters and protagonists from Norwegian folklore.*” And there are a bunch of other subjects also wearing odd headgear, including several variations on

A Beautiful Portrait of an African Lady

And, a bit of research has proven fruitful… This picture is a professional model who is modelling the earrings you see her wearing. She is not a beautiful african woman going about her day, caught on film by a photographer. She is a well

Ian Mckell – Modern Gypsy Girl

Look at it this way, Rromi are a specific ethnic group that, in the past, lived a nomadic lifestyle, generally were marginalized and distrusted, etc. They have a specific set of features and skin tone that make them recognizable to those familiar with them.

Survivor of Hutu death camp

Upvote for knowing your stuff. I used to live in Uganda and am constantly trying to study African history, culture, etc. You’re absolutely right concerning the Hutu and Tutsi divide–sadly, (one prominent theory) the Germans and Belgians largely fabricated these distinctions and created two

Mongolian Shaman, Circa 1909

Really? That’s super cool. I’ve been trying to find some history about this photo since I’m really interested in Mongolia and Mongolian culture, but I couldn’t find anything. Maybe having a name will help! Where did you find the copy you got on your

Bread and Milk. Istanbul.

Yes, we have free health care system, including dental treatment (but excluding implant, I suppose) You have to be working and your employer will pay your insurance as a tax payment, or you can pay yourself if you are self employed. If you are

Child of Meghalaya

It makes a lot of sense to elevate your dwelling above the ground in a tropical rain forest (either on posts or in the trees). Less mud and the air circulation coming from below makes it more comfortable.

Subway passengers in New York

I live in NY and I do not have a problem with these guys. I see them almost literally every day due to my subway-taking schedule. The only time I ever saw someone get hurt was actually when a showtime guy hit his head

Before they were famous: South African Rap Group Die Antwoord

pfff *420* … how … collegiate … In 2009 it was [documented]( that the [DoD]( bought some to make a 2200 node cluster for an unspecified project. In 2010 the US Air Force Research Lab built a [1,760]( node named “Condor Cluster” It wasn’t

Italian soldier after 72 hours of combat. He demonstrates what is called the ‘Thousand Yard Stare’, which is known to occur during an acute stress reaction, and describes the unfocussed gaze of a warrior. >Specialist Jacob William Moore, 21, stares into the distance as he clutches the hand of a seriously wounded comrade on board a medevac air ambulance racing towards Kandahar Air Field in southern Afghanistan, Nov 22, 2010. Spc Moore was part of a stretcher

Fan of Heavy Metal in Sub-Saharan Africa.

There’s a *really* interesting documentary about it, called “Mellodrama”. It features one of my favourite composers, Jon Brion (you have most likely heard lots of his music without even knowing it! He has composed the music for many popular films.) [Here’s a great trailer,

Fierce Karo warrior with body paint, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Sort of. Black Africans from Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt, and parts of Sudan are generally distinguishable from sub-Saharan Africans by sight. You’ll find people in these regions to be taller, lankier, have longer, thinner noses, among other features. This is, of course, a gross generalization,
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