A Chimbu tribesman preparing for a celebration of death. Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

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I couldn’t find a ton of information but basically this photo was taken at the Hagen festival, an annual gathering on Hagen Mountain where many of the ~700 native tribes of Papua New Guinea come together to showcase their particular styles of dance/costumes/art.. etc. It’s been going on since 1964.

From Wikipedia:

>Each year, Mount Hagen hosts the Mount Hagen Cultural Show, one of the largest cultural events in Papua New Guinea. Various regional, provincial, even national tribal dance groups gather to celebrate their cultural heritage in the form of sing-sing. It is also one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country. Its near the Baiyer District which hosts the biggest collection of birds and wildlife in Papua New Guinea, the Baiyer River Bird Sanctuary. Although locals do not recommend visiting the sanctuary as the road through the Baiyer District is prone to many highway robberies.

>Traditional culture and beliefs remain strong in Mount Hagen and its surrounds. In 2009, and again 2013, local women were reportedly burned alive after being accused of sorcery. However, such acts are an engrained part of Papua New Guinean culture and many witch burnings happen in surrounding villages.

[Here](http://www.cvltnation.com/chimbu-tribe-papua-new-guinea/) is a page I found with more information/photos regarding the Chimbu tribe in particular.

>It’s difficult to find any in-depth information about the Chimbu tribe from Papua New Guinea, a tribe that paints their entire bodies in the semblance of a skeleton. They are from the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, the Simbu or Chimbu region, and apparently their extensive and beautiful body paint originated as a way to intimidate their enemies, and I can imagine that watching a mass of tribal zombies coming to get you would be intimidating. The makeup varies from person to person, with each putting his or her personal touch on their walking dead alter-ego.

[Here](http://mindwonderblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/august-in-papua-new-guinea-a-festival-filled-with-color-meaning-history-and-imagination/) are some more photos from the Hagen festival.

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