A Doctors Without Borders health worker holds a child suspected of having Ebola in the MSF treatment center in Paynesville, Liberia.

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I was reading today about the enormous effort made by Cuba in aid of the African countries plagued by the epidemic. As the [NYTimes editorial](http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/20/opinion/cubas-impressive-role-on-ebola.html?_r=0) explains

>While the United States and several other wealthy countries have been happy to pledge funds, only Cuba and a few nongovernmental organizations are offering what is most needed: medical professionals in the field.

>With technical support from the World Health Organization, the Cuban government trained 460 doctors and nurses on the stringent precautions that must be taken to treat people with the highly contagious virus. The first group of 165 professionals arrived in Sierra Leone in recent days. José Luis Di Fabio, the World Health Organization’s representative in Havana, said Cuban medics were uniquely suited for the mission because many had already worked in Africa. “Cuba has very competent medical professionals,” said Mr. Di Fabio, who is Uruguayan. Mr. Di Fabio said Cuba’s efforts to aid in health emergencies abroad are stymied by the embargo the United States imposes on the island, which struggles to acquire modern equipment and keep medical shelves adequately stocked.

If the embargo seemed anachronistic before, now more than ever it’s imperative that someone would acknowledge that it has come the time to lift it.

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