A groom with his mother, dancing at his wedding

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/u/calamity-trinket said:

>Bring me Solo

Yeah, she’s dangerously obese. It’s sad, but unfortunately these folks live in a really rural area and probably never have had access to good nutritional information.

Also, I would like to point out that this sub is super hypocritical. I posted a picture I took at a football game of a really pretty college cheerleader. People were like, “OMG CREEPSHOT!” and “Ugh, there’s no artistic quality about this image. It’s only a pretty girl.” I posted this picture to see if I would get responses like the one you made. People love to bitch on here if someone posts a pretty girl, so I decided to post an image of a really tender moment between son and mother. It’s a beautiful moment, candid and intimate.

Can’t make you people happy.

Though the post is currently the top post, so I guess there’s a few people out there who see the tender moment for what it is…

EDIT: Tender, not tinder 🙂

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