A Palestinian man and his son resting in a UN school in the northern Gaza Strip where they took refuge after fleeing their home

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The problem is that the area now called Israel has been fought over and claimed to be home by dozens if not many dozen people and tribes over the last 12/15,000 years. The situation now is merely the last 4 weeks of a conflict that is older and more emotionally draining/loaded than most others. Statistics show however that 80% of the killed are civillians, and 50% are women and children. This angers and frustrates people who find the IDFs way of handeling the situation callous and brutal. In this latest crisis 3 israelis have been killed while atleast one hundred (cannot find sources, feel free to correct me) if not more palestinians have been killed. The imbalance in technology and economy makes the fight a very one sided and brutal one for the civilans in Palestine who have not committed any agression towards Israel. I’m not defending one side or the other, just trying to explain why the current situation often brings Israel into a bad light.

The rockets came from the Gaza strip after settlers (israeli fundementalists) killed a Palestinian boy in retaliation after three israeli teenagers were murdered by palestinians.The gaza strip is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, and also completely surrounded and isolated by Israel, including the harbours which are under Israeli blockade. As such, very little concrete and building materials get into Gaza, meaning no bomb shelters, and in a chaotic city-state like Gaza there is virtually no place to hide from a large scale attack by Israel. This results in large civilian casualties on the Palestininan side.

Israel does this because they fear Hamas getting weapons and equipment for war, but the population in Gaza suffer at the same time. Who is in the right? Both, or none? There are entire libraries of books and research papers on this conflict, it is not about who attacked who first. The initial attacks happened long ago, before anyone living today was even born. Now it is just a really sad and problematic conflict with people taking whatever sides they find they agree with (or are sympathetic towards).

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