An 11-year-old child working at a brick factory in Mandalay, Myanmar

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Don’t be so naive and idealistic. This is a cultural thing, not an ethical issue.

You’re trying to use our cultural norm of children not working, and passing it as a ethical issue.

Just as in our own history, children were simply bred for farm hands to work the fields and tend to the animals. Why not the rest of the world? If working means a better chance of survival, more food on the table, money to go to school (school isn’t free in the world) then why not work?

If they could afford to send their children to school, why don’t they do so already? Why make them work when they can get an education and make more money elsewhere? It’s because they can’t afford to do so.

Why don’t the kids play instead? Because perhaps every other poor family’s kids are working and they don’t have anyone to play with. Or they can’t afford to buy a damn soccar ball. Or maybe by having their children play instead of working they lose out on that extra income and now the kid is stuck in destitute conditions with no upward chance of mobility, or with less food on the table.

We all want an ideal world, but ideals means little to third world countries. They have to survive by all means, even if that means their kid has to work.

Degree in sociology if that means anything.

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