An Afghan resident carries a child to be vaccinated in Kabul

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He’s making a point of contrast. Some American parents are stupid for not letting their children be vaccinated against diseases that should be eradicated by now and that idiocy is coming back to bite everyone in the ass, because measles is once again spreading. It started in New York and is already in Ohio, it’s fucking crazy.

Meanwhile you have polio, which is still rampant in the middle east and in some places gunfire and explosions are a common daily occurrence. The medical facilities with the best supplies are in the middle of these warzones and this mother is braving that terror to vaccinate her child. Kabal is one of the worst places, and your are misinformed about the trust, most Afghan citizens love western culture. It’s just that when you see them in media, as their oppressors would no doubt see they must maintain a neutral or sometimes negative view or be targeted by rebellious regimes.

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