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I’m a 17 year old girl… so no. I just have relatives and friends who did ballet to high levels and got told that to go the full distance and end up touring, they’d have to become anorexic. My best friend had to quit ballet when she hit puberty because she grew too many curves and it was stop ballet or get surgery. So I find it hard to see it as beautiful.

**Edit:** Just in terms of what I’m talking about, in most of the shows I’ve seen (usually the pretty professional ones like a touring performance of the Royal Ballet’s Swan Lake, and the Nutcracker), the ballerinas tend to look like [this]( and [this](, which at first glance look okay, but when you look at their arms and the guy’s legs, they look really unhealthy. They’re starved and dehydrated, and my aunt who went to the Royal Ballet School in London for four years still struggles with the anorexia that was essentially forced upon them, despite having given up professional dancing for a long time.

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