Fierce Karo warrior with body paint, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

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Sort of. Black Africans from Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt, and parts of Sudan are generally distinguishable from sub-Saharan Africans by sight. You’ll find people in these regions to be taller, lankier, have longer, thinner noses, among other features. This is, of course, a gross generalization, but in an aggregate sense it’s not off the mark. This is part of the conflict that happened in Rwanda – the Tutsi are generally believed to be (historically) immigrants from up north, which explains their ability to be distinguished by sight.

It’s similar to the different ethnic groups of East Asia – Koreans, Han Chinese, Japanese, etc. can be told apart by sight to a trained eye.

Same thing goes for White folks too. You can distinguish European people whose ancestry is only one ethnic group pretty easily by sight.

Humans are awesome.

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