Italian shepherd. Photo by Giancarlo Rado

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I imagined some neighbor girl who works her families field, and when being told to go do take care of the vegetables on the far side of the farm (She absolutely hates going over there because it’s far and the neighbors lambs keep eating the plants) she moans the entire way there and sees that another lamb is eating all the plants! As she shoos away the animal she looks up and sees her Italian neighbor’s youngest son. She’s never met him before and she can’t help but stare at his eyes, her expression falls blank and catches herself fumbling out a hello and he does too, before long they return to their respective families where she replays the scene in her head all day, at dinner, at night. Surely enough, she can’t seem to get enough of taking care of the vegetables on the far side of the farm, when it had previously been the bane of her existence….

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