Mongolian Neo-Nazi Environmentalist Smoking at Desk with Teddy Bear

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Actually, nations are a relatively recent concept dating back two or three hundred years in Europe to the Enlightenment, and that the nation-state of China was conceived in the early 20th century. Before that, China had a “Sinocentric” (ie. China-centred) system which was incorporated a radically different system of sovereignty based on tributary sub-national entities. Most countries surrounding what is today China, including Vietnam, were part of this system at one time or another, and the reason why Tibet, for example, is part of China today is because it was a Qing Empire tributary and got “carried into” the nation-state system by Chinese nationalists, which is the same reason why you hear nationalists prattle on about how Okinawa or Korea or what have you is legitimately “Chinese”.

Suiseng Zhao gives a pretty good explanation:

>For defensive purposes, Chinese leaders have embraced with a vegence, and depended on, the Western notion of sovereignty. They have not only accepted the norms of the nation-state system and acknowledged the formal equality of other states, but also vigorously asserted China’s own territorial sovereignty and have become very sensitive to foreign interference in ‘domestic affairs’. … Reacting strongly to so-called interference in China’s domestic affairs by Western powers, what pragmatic leaders already intended is to defend the authority of the Communist Party. They have played up a history of painful Chinese weakness in the face of Western imperialism, territorial division, unequal treaties, invasion, anti-Chinese racism, and social chaos because the regime has to claim legitimization based on its ability to defend China’s territorial integrity to build a modern Chinese nation state.

The same is true for China’s neighbours, of course. In the case of Mongolia, they fought a war against China to gain independence. Mongolia and Tibet both declared independence after the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911, and Mongolia managed to oust Republican Chinese troops with the help of the infamous Japanese-backed White Russian warlord Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg and become independent. They were quickly invaded by the Red Army, which was hunting Ungern-Sternberg, and the People’s Republic of Mongolia was born, much to the chagrin of China. The Republic of China (Taiwan) still claimed Mongolia as Chinese until recently, but because it would be bad press, the People’s Republic of China didn’t try to “retake” Outer Mongolia when they “retook” Tibet.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that…

And as for the neo-Nazi regalia, no idea, but I heard there were fascist-inspired Chinese republican “blue shirts” in the white terror after the way, but assume this guy is more in line with waves of neo-Nazi far-right nationalists in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Edit: spelling.

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