Navajo man dressed as the spirit Nayenezgani.

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It’s primarily South Pacific, I believe. The Big Discovery that first spurred this theory was at [Monte Verde]( where some things that *could* be dated (more than generally) were found, and were dated to about 1,000 years prior to the Bering Strait being passable. Even still, people were skeptical since that was all there was. There was one item that was dated to 33kya before that happened, but the original discoverer was skeptical of that (since charcoal can also often occur naturally, and, to be valid in archaeology, needs to be directly associated with human habitation.) Also fun are the coprolites they found, which is just a fancy way of saying human feces.

This site was excavated in the 1970’s, but the theory wasn’t accepted until 1997 (according to wikipedia). Even now it seems to be a case of “waiting for the older people who believed in Clovis First to die off”, sadly. Most people have accepted it though, especially with other sites that have been discovered that also predate Bering Strait clearance.

The thing is, even if Monte Verde was found to date to the exact same time as the Bering Strait, it would still make that theory shaky, since the Clovis First (Bering Strait) Model states that people came over that way from Russia, then over generations spread across North America. There’s pretty much no way they could cross over and immediately be in Southern Chile.

tl;dr- People that came over in rudimentary boats (because in the South Pacific you wouldn’t need much because of all the islands there) probably used tools to make boats and General McArthur was a tool. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN.

edit- A quick google tells me you meant the other MacArthur who did things in the Pacific it looks like as opposed to the Civil War MacArthur. I don’t know anything about the former and only a bit about the latter, and thought you were making a joke. LEAVING MY TL;DR AS IS THOUGH!

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