Nick Offerman

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Well. Not sure if writing longer posts with lots of details is going to be persuasive. I do it often, doesn’t seem to work.

But I find your post a bit pretentious to be honest. I always had a bit of uneasy feeling with this sub myself, as it sometimes feels a bit like watching monkeys (oh look at this poor basterd looking beautiful) Also wished it had a better name, especially if I’m trying to show some of the pictures to a non-redditor. I don’t particularly think it is a very high standard that is uphold here, which is fine I think.

This particular photo I do find beautiful and I do not really care that it is Nick Offerman. Me personally, immediately starting wondering how they managed to get that high contrast effect for instance. I’m glad I got a change to see it tbh and I don’t think this sub will suddenly transform into a celebrity fest.

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