Smoker in Nepal

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Yeah Sadhus smoke hash all the time. The festival [Shivaratri]( is the south asian equivalent of 4/20. Everyone, Sadhus and commoners alike, smoke weed and drink beverages spiked with [Bhang](

There isn’t as much of a stigma towards pot smoking in South Asia as there is in the West. It isn’t strictly kosher in the eyes of the government, but there isn’t a widespread ‘War on Drugs’ there. Older people do frown on smoking weed, though, because many Hindus shun consumption of meat, alcohol and weed.

This is the case for Nepal and India though, I don’t know how things are in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where Islam is bound to play a role in the attitude towards Marijuana. Nepal is especially liberal because it has been a major hippy destination for almost half a century. [This]( is an interesting watch. I wish I’d grown up in the 60s in Kathmandu.

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