Somali refugee and his home

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Yes and no. I can see why you’d think so, because I think many of us can agree that the West is full of way too much consumption and greed. That being said, though, just because a person lives simply doesn’t mean it’s always by choice. This man is a refugee, and he and his family have probably been struggling for a long time. Assuming that a refugee will automatically be satisfied and grateful for the little things in life can overshadow a refugee’s very real experiences of not having enough, wishing they had more, and being jealous of those who have the best. Is he satisfied with not having a car? That’s a possibility. Does he wish his country could solve their civil war and develop infrastructures so he could afford a car? That’s a possibility, too.

Source: Working with Somali refugees in Minnesota, the largest concentration of Somalis outside of Somalia (over 36,000 in 2011, predominantly refugees).

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