Subway passengers in New York

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I live in NY and I do not have a problem with these guys. I see them almost literally every day due to my subway-taking schedule. The only time I ever saw someone get hurt was actually when a showtime guy hit his head on the ceiling. It was really funny actually- he wasn’t injured or anything. They were the really bad showtime guys who sometimes go out for practice at totally random times like 8:30 AM on the M. They are almost more entertaining because they make this whole big fuss about getting your attention and then suck. In this particular instance, I saw the guys discussing what tricks they were gonna do before they started (it was a really long train ride). I heard one of the other guys say, “Now when you flip me over, don’t hit my head on the ceiling this time? Ok?” Then during the performance the guy he told not to do that promptly flipped the guy over him too high and he hit his head on the ceiling. I had trouble stifling my laughter. I gave them money anyway.

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