The true definition of love at first sight. My mother meeting her first grandchild.

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>We don’t know how many kids OP has had. This could be #1 or #2, which considering that they apparently live in a country with enough regular internet access to be on Reddit, is pretty likely. Which isn’t overpopulation, it’s just continuation of the human race.

We’re already overpopulated so adding more all willy-nilly with however many we want is just shitting in the pool. What needs to happen is simple. We need to get back down to 3 billion fast. The best way would be for everyone to have ONE baby and only ONE. This would give us about 3 billion babies. Then to manage and maintain that number is just more simple math and cooperation which would basically be the timing of our breeding as to maintain 3 billion without going over.

The only thing holding it all together right now is oil and when it’s gone…which is going to happen soon. The shit is gonna hit the fan.

Lowering our population with a strategic birth effort would be a proactive move to halt the suffering that 7.5 billion will surely face when oil is no more.

Of course I doubt humanity would ever stand for what I and others have suggested but that’s OK because nature will (war, famine, disease, drought) and when you see it you’ll wish we all had done it the easy painless way by all cooperating and working on the problem as a team. We could have it all and live in harmony with nature but nope, we just won’t have it.

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