Toshimana, an apprentice Geisha in Kyoto

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**In OP’s photo and [this photo](, predominantly.**
[Here’s a diagram](, from memory: The hair is combed & pomades added, then placed in a ponytail and padded with cushions. Then the ponytail is looped & flattened (green) and the hair piece (red) is added. It’s all sewn & tied into place & dressed with kanzashi (the pins). [Here’s]( the same hairstyle from the front.

**In [this photo](, no.**([source]( That’s a wig called a katsura. You can actually see the faint outline of it [here on Kotoha](

In regards to being famous, Toshimana is reasonably popular in her hanamachi. I wouldn’t exactly call her famous though.

I believe that ei is the website the photo came from.

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